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We need to talk about.....


It’s awesome here isn’t it?

I love it! We have the most dramatic & fantastic scenery on our doorstep and a vast breadth of inspiring scientists, inventors, writers, artists and oh boy - the history is enough for me to geek out on for years!

What we we also have is weather. A vast array of weather in an extremely short time span to be more precise and most of this week especially it’s been guff. Pure, unadulterated rubbish! It’s June so yes, as usual, we expect a shower or so (unless it was last year - wasn’t that just bone warmingly beautiful?). This week hasn’t been just a shower or so, it’s been actually pretty miserable bar a few fleeting moments between rain. I’ve had my heating on for feck sake! Socks/blankets and actual real life turning up of the thermostat.

Never fear though, I don’t usually moan about the weather (much) and I’m certainly not here to now. I’m here with good news. I love how varied our weather can be. It adds something exciting and unknown to every situation. Picnic in July? Do we pack summer shorts and t-shirts with a light jumper or do we bring all the waterproofs and snow boots?

A beer garden in November you say? Madness, it’ll be freezing!! Until we turn up and have to peel the layers from our sun starved, sweat drenched skin. (Now isn’t that a visual you all wanted 🤣)

Rain does not stop a shoot. I have brollies in the car and, as previously advised in one of my posts, everyone should always have some kind of jacket kicking about for a shoot. Be prepared and all that, being a Girl Guide taught me well. Usually rain clears and leaves a stunning backdrop for a shoot. The clouds look big and fluffy and the sun often makes an appearance creating spectacular shafts of light.

The state of play is this. If it’s raining and we had planned to go for a walk in the countryside. Welly on up. We’re still going on a bear hunt!

If it’s snowing, I’m still completely up for that and will bring spare gloves/hats/scarves etc etc and probably a thermos of tea or two. Snow shoots are hilarious and fun and usually I’ll shoot fast so everyone stays warm, dry and happy. No one likes cold noses and toesies.

If its glorious sunshine, get the spf on and bring a hat, I would offer cocktails too but I’m unsure if I’d ever get any work done! We can take our time and really enjoy soaking up that Vitamin D.

Wind is ever present here but if we’re sitting at almost hurricane level winds then yes, it’s probably best we stayed indoors to stop anyone from being really seriously injured but if we play it by ear then there are always some calm wee nooks we can get into somewhere

If you guys really don’t want to have a shoot in crazy weather, that’s also completely fine. We can always reschedule as I know its not everyone’s cup of tea to be jumping in puddles and rolling about in mud but I can guarantee, no matter what the weather here is doing, we will have a blast and create some awesome memories.

Have some Garbage with the perfect song for this week and a wonderful Friday you gorgeous beasts!

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