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I have nothing to wear!

Ahh but you do, I know you do!

It's all grand and dandy, you get in touch, book a shoot and that happy glow descends over you thinking of the fun and pretty pics you can share.

Then it hits you! "Aaarghhhhh I have no clothes! Should we coordinate like a glorious 80s Christmas card?" Don't get me wrong, I love a cheesy group pic, more than you can ever imagine but I don't expect them to be other peoples goal in life.

(Picture: Andrew Power / Imgur)

Never fear, your fairy godmother is here!

As yet, I haven't quite worked out the intricacies of magic, nor have I worked out how to dress myself like a fully grown adult rather than an early 90s tween and still happily favour looking like one half of Salt n Pepa. Nevertheless, here I am to help you achieve greatness.

I am not one to follow fashion rules, I hate being told what to wear so if you want neon headbands and full body shiny spandex I am absolutely on board with that (who wouldn't be??) but this isn't the post for you guys. You have a style and you are rocking it!

Let's discuss location first, that's vital. If we are outdoors in any season, there's always a chance of rain. That's ok in the summer as it's usually not minus eleventy billion degrees and a short shower is (allegedly) refreshing. Bring a jacket with you.

If we are shooting on the beach (any season) - which looks AMAZING btw! Bring some spare clothes and a towel or two. You never know who will decide to take a swim and sand gets everywhere - seriously, everywhere!

Beaches are quite neutral so think paler shades that you would normally find in nature in the area.

Golden hour (the hour or so just before the sun goes down) gives a beautiful golden tone to shots so you can go way bolder with colours. In this one we went with spring colours that weren't identical but both had hints of the same colour in them with the yellows and blues. This gives a cohesive look while not being too matchy matchy. Going bold with headwear is always a good choice, especially for older children. I can provide flower crowns if required, just let me know in advance.

For Autumn think comfort and warmth (I always think comfort and warmth!) The colours in nature are really bold at this time of year with yellows, oranges and browns so don't come all dressed in burnt orange shell suits as you'll look like you're in camouflage. Jeans, boots, coats, scarves, hats in natural colours with a touch of colour work best as then you stand out, like the beautiful Pippa in this shot.

For winter we can go really bold, it's usually cold outside and this gives the bright colours a huge advantage. They jump out and look amazing in Winter.

When push comes to shove, it doesn't matter what you are wearing. What matters is the personality of you guys shining through and that is what I'm here for.


Find a colour you'd like to start with - lets' say blue. Colours all have different variations in tone and lightness. Work with this.

Find colours that compliment your chosen one so if we are thinking of blue then shades of cream/white/red(this includes pink)/yellow all look great. Example - one person in pale blue, one in blue jeans and a white top, one in yellow top with blue trims and shorts and one in blue dungarees with a yellow jumper. These don't all need to be the same shades, different shades work best as then it doesn't look like you're about to start your shift in Gap (awesome shop - shout out to my friends that work in Gap!).

I've seen many posts saying to avoid patterns. I disagree. Although a full family in clashing paisley prints would be amazing, it's probably best to avoid that but I love stripes, spots, rainbows and zigzags. Why not show off some of your personality in a pattern and coordinate around that?

Most of all be comfortable. That feeling of being uncomfy in your clothes is rubbish and when you feel rubbish and awkward then you won't relax. If wearing your jammies in the house is how you relax then lets go for it! I'm always happy to turn up in mine too!

Be you, be glorious and if you want a shoot in all white suits like the Backstreet Boys then let it be so, I will not argue with that and will happily sing along........

Enjoy folks xx

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